Bio: Mother to three children born back to back, and in one case one on top of the other, Missus to a loveable Mister, and probably flustered, flapping and flighty to everyone else…somewhere in the mix I lost myself. So here i am stripped back, at the bare beginnings, trying to offload my baggage and start getting back to me. Rediscovering myself, so that I can be a better mother, lover, daughter and friend. I want to start taking the reigns and being present in my own life, not being afraid to fail. Exploring life through a philosophy of Simple Living and Minimalism. Have Less. Be More. its time to stop waiting for my dream life to smack me in the face, and try and make it for myself. Its too easy to yearn your life away, but i’d love some company on the way so heres to the chronicles of my ‘growth’, a place to laugh at myself, share myself, and prove that I can! We are all equally extraordinary, lets see what this extra ordinary gal can do with herself!

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